Situated North of Poland at the Baltic Sea coast shall be a leading training and teaching hospital offering training in Fertility & Child Health care, Surgical Technology and Family Medicine. The Project is one of the Christ Servant Fundation which wasestablished for the purpose of popularizing the Christian attitudes of support for disadvantaged individuals and promoting fundamental principles of active and creative living in Poland and the democratic societies of the European Union.

We have a strong commitment to serve the poor and all people in need with the best medical facilities that local funding will allow, while providing a high-quality teaching and learning environment to medical trainees from Poland and abroad.


Christ Servant Hospital of Sopot shall also deliver a range of community development programs aimed at addressing some of the forgotten members e.g. single mothers, orphans and children with developmental disabilities.

Christ Servant Hospital of Sopot shall also offer Health Education, Evidence Based Medicine, Natural Procreation Metodologies, and oncological prevention.  

Situated at the Region POMORSKI with a catchment population of nearly 4 million, Christ Servant Hospital of Sopot will provide professional care for large population of people lookig for natural procreation methodology for infertility treatment and also early diagnosis of family oncologic problems.

Christ Servant Hospital of Sopot  will rely on support from local andEuropean assistance from program support donation to in-kind gifts of critical medical equipment and supplies.



Christ Servant Fundation in the project of Christ Servant Hospital of Sopot is planning to build the modern inpatient and outpatient facilities which will involve the construction of Outpatient Unite, Surgical and Endoscopy Theatres, Post Operative and Treatment Rooms, Intensive Care Unit, Pharmacy and Laboratory. Futher development is to build also Labour and Maternity Unit, Paediatric and Medical Wards.



Christ Servant Hospital of Sopot is planning to start a Nursing School which can be later upgraded to graduate level. It is expected that Nursing graduates will be committed to serve the hospital for at least 3 years after their internship. The Nursing School requires 3 classrooms, 1 practical room, a Multi-purpose Hall, Toilets and Hostel Rooms.



Teaching Auditorium: a facility that can cater for large-scale training events, special meetings and prayer meetings (e.g. Sunday Holly Mass for patients and their families). Teaching Auditorium shall have the flexibility to accommodate a range of functions without re-organising and disrupting other training facilities.



It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retainmarriagecouples in training  for  infertility treatment without a proper on-site family accommodation. ChSH is aiming to construct a 3-story building with 60 apartments, with between 2-3 bedrooms in each apartment.